Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Strengthening Capacity to Manage Ecosystems Sustainably for Human Well-Being

Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar)

The MA established a strong and dynamic relationship with Ramsar that influenced both the design of the assessment and its implementation. The relationship between the Ramsar and MA was important because it helped to ensure that the Assessment would bring the best current scientific information to bear on some of the assessment needs of the Convention. On one hand, the Executive Secretary and Chair of Scientific and Technical Review Panel were on the Board of the MA to ensure that the needs of Ramsar were reflected in the work of the Assessment. On the other hand, parties to Ramsar provided their endorsement of the MA: the MA was incorporated into several work groups undertaking the STRP workplan; and at COP-8, the MA was identified as a source of methods for assessment of wetland ecosystems. The MA has produced a special synthesis report on wetlands that was distributed for review by Ramsar focal points and STRP members. The report shows how wetlands were treated within all working groups of the MA, and was guided by the recommendations from experts that participated in the MA Cross-cutting meeting on Freshwater held in Darwin, Australia June 4-6, 2003.

NOTING that the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) has been developed to provide guidance and information to the Ramsar Convention (…) the conference of the contracting parties (…) INSTRUCTS the Ramsar Bureau, working with the secretariat of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, to make available to Contracting Parties and other interested organizations the findings and guidance developed by the MA, and URGES Contracting Parties to use, as appropriate, the MA guidance and methods for sub-global ecosystem assessments in their assessment of wetland ecosystems at the local, national and regional (supra-national) scale, including through international cooperation on the assessment of transboundary aquatic ecosystems.” - Resolution VIII.7: Gaps in and harmonization of Ramsar guidance on wetland ecological character, inventory, assessment, and monitoring, adopted by the Conference of the Parties at their Eighth Meeting in Valencia, 18-26 November, 2002

Ramsar Resolutions that make reference to the MA

MA reports to Ramsar