Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Strengthening Capacity to Manage Ecosystems Sustainably for Human Well-Being

Convention to Combat Desertification

The MA established a strong and dynamic relationship with CCD that facilitated both the design of the assessment and its implementation. The relationship between the CCD and MA was important to ensure that the Assessment would bring the best current scientific information to bear on some of the assessment needs of the Convention. On one hand, the Executive Secretary and Chair of CST sit on the Board of the MA and ensure that the needs of CCD are reflected in the work of the Assessment. On the other hand, parties to have provided their endorsement of the MA: the MA was formally acknowledged by the CST and COP as a source of assessment information. The MA produced a special synthesis report on desertification that was reviewed by CCD focal points. The report examines the globla implications of desertification and how it is covered in the MA working groups and was guided by the recommendations from experts that participated in the MA Cross-cutting meeting on Drylands and Desertification held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan August 12-15, 2003.

“The Conference of the Parties encourages the continuation of work on the MA and requests the secretariat to continue to follow closely the activities of the MA and to facilitate the involvement of the Parties, in order that the needs and concerns of the Parties are taken into account in the assessments.” - Decision: Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment – adopted by the Conference of the Parties at their Sixth Meeting in Havana, August 25 - September 5, 2003.

MA report to CCD