Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Strengthening Capacity to Manage Ecosystems Sustainably for Human Well-Being

Convention on Biological Diversity

To date, the MA has established a strong and dynamic relationship with CBD that facilitated both the design of the assessment and its implementation. The relationship between the CBD and MA is important because it will ensure that the Assessment will bring the best current scientific information to bear on some of the assessment needs of the Convention. On one hand, the Executive Secretary and Chair of SBSTTA sit on the Board of the MA and ensure that the needs of CBD are reflected in the work of the Assessment. On the other hand, Parties to the CBD have provided their endorsement of the MA: the MA has been formally incorporated into the SBSTTA workplan; and at COP-6, the MA was called upon to provide information to the CBD in no fewer than five decisions. The MA has produced a special synthesis report on biodiversity that was reviewed by CBD focal points. The report shows how biodiversity is treated within all working groups of the MA, and was guided by the recommendations from experts that participated in the MA Cross-cutting meeting on Biodiversity held in Gland, Switzerland February 13–14, 2003.

“The Conference of the Parties welcomes the outline for the assessment reports developed by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, encourages Parties to support the involvement of experts in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment process and provide assistance to developing countries and countries with economics in transition that are interested in undertaking national or regional assessments within the framework of the Millennium Ecosystems Assessment; and requests the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical, and Technological Advice to review the findings of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and provide recommendations to the Conference of the Parties based on the review”. - Decision VI/7: Identification, monitoring, indicators and assessments – (C) Scientific assessments, adopted by the Conference of the Parties at their Sixth Meeting in The Hague, April 7-19, 2002.

CBD Decisions that make reference to the MA

MA reports to CBD