Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Strengthening Capacity to Manage Ecosystems Sustainably for Human Well-Being

Findings of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: Authors finalize reports for Board approval & release in March

Copies of the reports, embargoed for March 30, 2005, are now available here. Please check the site often for the final versions of the MA reports.

The completion of the review process for the synthesis reports on February 4 marks the near final stage of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA). Review comments were received and discussed by MA authors during the Final Synthesis Teams meeting in the Netherlands on January 12-14, 2005.

On March 19-21, 2005 in New York, the Board Technical Committee will meet with the Assessment Panel and Synthesis Team Chairs to review the reports and submit them for approval by the Board on March 22-23, 2005.

The MA will release its findings and reports starting March 30, 2005 during press conferences at the Royal Society in London, the National Press Club in Washington, DC as well as in Tokyo, Beijing, New Delhi, Brasilia, Cairo, Nairobi and Rome.

The assessment will produce a total of seven synthesis and summary reports, and four technical volumes. An additional set of about 16 sub-global assessments will also be released separately. For more information, please see the MA Updates & Press Releases page.

About the MA reports

The MA reports will include a total of seven synthesis and summary reports, and four technical volumes. An additional set of about 16 sub-global assessments will be released separately. Six synthesis reports focus on the needs specific user audiences, namely (Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), Ramsar Wetlands Convention, business and industry, the health sector, and a general audience).

The second review of the three global reports (Condition and Trends, Scenarios, and Responses) was completed last September, when more than 200 authors and review editors gathered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on September 25-30 to address the comments received.

A total of 13,845 individual comments were received from 546 expert reviewers, 44 governments and 9 scientific organizations were received for the global reports. Another 3,147 comments for the syntheses reports and 1,899 comments for the sub-global reports were also received.

About the MA

Involving some 1,500 of the world's leading experts, the MA is a partnership among several international organizations, including the Convention on Biological Diversity, U.N. Convention to Combat Desertification, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, Convention on Migratory Species, five UN agencies (WHO, FAO, UNESCO, UNEP, UNDP), the World Bank, and IUCN. It is governed by a high-level scientific Panel and a multi-stakeholder Board composed of these institutions plus government officials, the private sector, NGOs and indigenous peoples.