Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Strengthening Capacity to Manage Ecosystems Sustainably for Human Well-Being

New Institutional Arrangements

The Board of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment convened for the first time on July 17-18, 2000 in Trondheim, Norway, hosted by the Government of Norway. The next Board meeting will be held in Malaysia, 14-16 January 2002. The Board largely endorsed the overall MA design and conceptual framework that had been developed by the Exploratory Steering Committee over the prior 18 months. The Board emphasized in particular that the audience for the process should reach beyond governments to include the private sector and civil society. It also stressed that the MA process itself should be viewed as a means of achieving the MA's goals, not just the products. Among other decisions, the Board:

  • Selected A.H. Zakri and Robert Watson to be the Board co-chairs;
  • Selected UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Center to be the support agency for Working Group #1 (Condition);
  • Agreed to undertake the activities of Working Group #2 (Scenarios) in collaboration with the SCOPE project "International Program on Ecosystem Change," with SCOPE serving as the support agency;
  • Selected WRI (in partnership with Meridian Institute) to support the Outreach-Engagement Committee;
  • Decided to select support agencies for the two remaining working groups in developing countries;
  • Selected five additional Board members and established a nominating committee to identify six candidates for remaining Board seats (the list of Board members is attached);
  • Decided to locate the MA Director in Malaysia (the director will be based at the CGIAR Center: ICLARM);
  • Established an Assessment Panel Co-chair Nominating committee.