Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Strengthening Capacity to Manage Ecosystems Sustainably for Human Well-Being

People: Secretariat Staff

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Six different institutions provided core administrative, logistical and technical support to the working groups and committees that completed the assessment. Collectively, the staff assigned to the MA at these various institutions formed a distributed secretariat.

UNEP administers the grants from the Global Environment Facility, United Nations Foundation, and World Bank and employs the Director (Walter V. Reid, January 2002-March 2005, Marcus Lee, April 2005 - ), located at the WorldFish Center in Malaysia. The World Fish Center also hosts the coordinators for the Sub-global Working Group.

The UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre supported the Condition and Trends Working Group, and the ICSU Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) supported the Scenarios Working Group. The Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi supported the Responses Working Group, along with the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Netherlands, until 2004.

The World Resources Institute in partnership with the Meridian Institute coordinate the Engagement and Outreach group. The World Resources Institute served as the Interim Secretariat for the Millennium Assessment from October 1999 – January 2002.

The coordinators and full-time staff of the MA Secretariat include: Neville Ash, Elena Bennett, Chan Wai Leng, John Ehrmann, Lori Han, Christine Jalleh, Pushpam Kumar, Marcus Lee, Belinda Lim, Nicolas Lucas, Mampiti Matete, Tasha Merican, Meenakshi Rathore, Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne, Henk Simons, Sara Suriani, Jillian Thonell, Valerie Thompson, and Monika Zurek.

Special thanks are due to the interns and volunteers who worked with the MA secretariat, part-time members of the secretariat staff, the administrative staff of the host organizations, and colleagues in other organizations who were instrumental in facilitating the MA process: Isabelle Alegre, Adlai Amor, Hyacinth Billings, Cecilia Blasco, Delmar Blasco, Emmanuelle Bournay, Herbert Caudill, Lina Cimarrusti, Emily Cooper, Dalène du Plessis, Keisha-Maria Garcia, Habiba Gitay, Helen Gray, Rohiyati Hidayu Haniff, Sherry Heileman, Norbert Henninger, Tim Hirsch, Toshie Honda, Francisco Ingouville, Humphrey Kagunda, Nicole Khi, Brygida Kubiak, Nicholas Lapham, Liz Levitt, Christian Marx, Stephanie Moore, John Mukoza, Arivudai Nambi, Laurie Neville, Rosemarie Philips, Veronique Plocq Fichelet, Maggie Powell, Janet Ranganathan, Carolina Katz Reid, Liana Reilly, Philippe Rekacewicz, Carol Rosen, Mariana Sanchez Abregu, Anne Schram, Jean Sedgwick, Tang Siang Nee, Linda Starke, Darrell Taylor, Tutti Tischler, Daniel Tunstall, Woody Turner, Mark Valentine, Elsie Vélez Whited, Elizabeth Wilson, and Mark Zimsky.

The following individuals may be contacted beyond March 30, 2005 to answer questions or provide information about the MA.

Director and Support Staff

  • Dr. Walter V. Reid, Director (January 2002 - March 2005)
    Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
  • Marcus Lee
    MA Sub-global WG Coordinator and Director (April 2005 - September 2005)
    Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
    Division of Early Warning and Assessment
    United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
    P.O. Box 47074 - 00100
    Nairobi, Kenya
  • Christine Jalleh
    Communications Officer
    Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
    c/o WorldFish Center
    PO Box 500, GPO
    10670 Penang, MALAYSIA
    Tel: +60 4 620 2289
    Fax: +60 4 626 5530
  • Belinda Lim, Administrative Officer
    c/o WorldFish Center(address as above)
  • Wai Leng Chan, Program Assistant
    Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
    c/o WorldFish Center (address as above)
  • Tasha Merican, Program Assistant
    Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
    c/o WorldFish Center (address as above)

Sub-Global Working Group

Condition and Trends Working Group

  • Dr. Neville Ash
    Conditions and Trends Coordinator
    UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre
    219 Huntingdon Road
    Cambridge CB3 ODL
    United Kingdom
    Work: +44- 1223-277314
    Fax: +44- 1223-277365

Scenarios Working Group

  • Dr. Elena Bennett
    Center for Limnology, University of Wisconsin - Madison
    WI 53706, USA
  • Dr. Monika Zurek
    FAO (ESAE)
    Room C309
    Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
    00100 Roma, Italy
    Tel: +39 06 570 54489
    Fax: +39 06 570 55522

Responses Working Group

  • Dr. Pushpam Kumar
    Institute of Economic Growth
    Delhi University Enclave
    Environmental Economics Unit
    Delhi 110007 INDIA
    Work: +91-11-7667101
    Fax: +91 11 7667410

Engagement and Outreach