Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Strengthening Capacity to Manage Ecosystems Sustainably for Human Well-Being

Ecosystems & Human Well-Being: Volume 5

Our Human Planet: Summary for Decision-Makers

Our Human Planet summarizes the findings of the four working groups and serves as a reference guide to the four volumes in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment series. It presents the key findings of each working group and meets the needs of policy-makers and other professionals.

The summary also provides an overview of the framework used by the assessment, and will serve as a guide for assessment, planning, and management for the future. It also gives the nonspecialist the means of navigating the detailed findings of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

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Contents, Foreword [pdf, 1227 KB]

01. MA Conceptual Framework [pdf, 415 KB]

02. Current State and Trends: Ecosystems and Their Services around the Year 2000 [pdf, 1668 KB]

03. Scenarios: Comparing Alternate Futures of Ecosystem Services and Human Well-Being [pdf, 1098 KB]

04. Policy Responses: Response Options and Strategies [pdf, 221 KB]

05. Multiscale Assessments: Integrated Assessments at Multiple Scales [pdf, 638 KB]

Glossary and Index [pdf, 143 KB]