Ecosystems & Human Well-Being: Volume 1

Current State and Trends

Humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively in the last 50 years than in any comparable period of human history. We have done this to meet the growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fiber, and fuel. While changes to ecosystems have enhanced the well-being of billions of people, they have also caused a substantial and largely irreversible loss in diversity of life on Earth, and have strained the capacity of ecosystems to continue providing critical services.

Richly illustrated with maps and graphs, Current State and Trends presents an assessment of Earth’s ability to provide twenty-four distinct services essential to human well-being. These include food, fiber, and other materials; the regulation of the climate and fresh water systems, underlying support systems such as nutrient cycling, and the fulfillment of cultural, spiritual, and aesthetic values. The volume pays particular attention to the current health of key ecosystems, including inland waters, forests, oceans, croplands, and dryland systems, among others. It will be an indispensable reference for scientists, environmentalists, agency professionals, and students.

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Contents, Foreword, Preface [pdf, 2224 KB]

01. MA Conceptual Framework [pdf, 408 KB]

02. Analytical Approaches for Assessing Ecosystems and Human Well-being [pdf, 943 KB]

03. Drivers of Change [pdf, 87 KB]

04. Biodiversity [pdf, 1934 KB]

05. Ecosystem Change and Human Wellbeing [pdf, 1340 KB]

06. Vulnerable People and Places [pdf, 738 KB]

07. Freshwater Ecosystem Services [pdf, 1318 KB]

08. Food Ecosystem Services [pdf, 1445 KB]

09. Timber, Fuel, and Fibre Ecosystem Services [pdf, 399 KB]

10. Novel Products and Industries from Biodiversity [pdf, 412 KB]

11. Biological Regulation of Ecosystem Services [pdf, 874 KB]

12. Nutrient Cycling [pdf, 978 KB]

13. Air Quality and Climate [pdf, 2079 KB]

14. Human Infectious Disease Agents [pdf, 559 KB]

15. Waste Processing and Detoxification [pdf, 651 KB]

16. Regulation of Natural Hazards [pdf, 562 KB]

17. Cultural and Amenity Services [pdf, 630 KB]

18. Marine Systems [pdf, 2516 KB]

19. Coastal Systems [pdf, 979 KB]

20. Inland Water Systems [pdf, 544 KB]

21. Forest Systems [pdf, 957 KB]

22. Dryland Systems [pdf, 2262 KB]

23. Island Systems [pdf, 329 KB]

24. Mountain Systems [pdf, 1481 KB]

25. Polar Systems [pdf, 1016 KB]

26. Cultivated Systems [pdf, 1571 KB]

27. Urban Systems [pdf, 536 KB]

28. Synthesis [pdf, 196 KB]

Appendices [pdf, 15069 KB]