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Burden Of Disease = Increased By=20 Environmental Degradation
/ = WASHINGTON,=20 October 5, 2005=AFClose to one-fifth of the = burden of=20 disease in developing countries can be = attributed to=20 environmental risks =96 with unsafe water, poor=20 sanitation, and poor hygiene as leading risk = factors,=20 causing 1.7 million premature deaths per year; = and urban=20 air pollution estimated to cause about 800,000 = premature=20 deaths annually, according to the World Bank=92s = annual=20 publication, Environment Matters, released = today.=20

=93Poor people are the first to suffer = from a=20 polluted environment,=94 said Warren Evans, = Director of=20 the Bank=92s Environment Department. = =93Environmental health=20 risks =96 such as polluted water and = insufficient=20 sanitation, indoor and outdoor air pollution, = chemicals=20 exposure, and the impacts of climate change =96=20 significantly influence the well-being of = million of=20 poor people.=94

An annual review of the = World=20 Bank=92s environmental work, this year=92s = Environment=20 Matters focuses on the strong links between = environment=20 and health. It also points out the direct = connection to=20 economic growth.

Dr. Eric Chivian, = Director of=20 the Center for Health and the Global Environment = at=20 Harvard Medical School, who spoke at the launch, = reminded the audience that, =93Ecosystems = provide life=20 support services, such as the breaking down of = wastes or=20 the purifying of air and water that make all = life=20 possible. Most people recognize the beauty and = the=20 spiritual and economic values of Nature, but = they may=20 not fully understand that their health and = lives, and=20 the health and lives of their children, depend = on its=20 preservation.=94

Addressing = environment and=20 health at the local level=85

In = Sub-Saharan=20 African, much investment is still needed in=20 infrastructure to supply clean water and = improved=20 sanitation for about half the population. These = need to=20 be complemented with simple and cost-effective=20 interventions for hygiene promotion. In Ghana, = the Bank=20 is supporting a public private partnership for = hand=20 washing with soap, with positive early=20 results.

In Nepal, the Bank is supporting = the=20 Government=92s Biogas Program, with a target of = installing=20 up to 200,000 units by 2009. In an earlier = phase, some=20 100,000 biogas reactors have already been = installed. The=20 program will reduce indoor air pollution levels; = contribute to enhanced agriculture productivity, = improved forestry practices, and lower emission = of=20 greenhouse gases.

and at the regional = level=85

The Bank=92s Clean Air = Initiative supports=20 innovative ways to address the growing impact of = air=20 pollution on human health. It combines research, = training, and actions on the ground. In = Sub-Saharan=20 Africa, this initiative spearheaded a successful = regional program for the phase-out of leaded=20 gasoline.

In a broad partnership with = FAO, NGOs,=20 and private sector interests, the Bank is = spearheading=20 an initiative =96 the Africa Stockpiles = Programme =96 to=20 safely manage the enormous stocks of obsolete = pesticides=20 that have accumulated in African countries. The = cleanup=20 and necessary capacity building is estimated to = cost=20 some $250 million over 15 = years.

Achieving=20 substantive progress in delivering clean water, = improved=20 sanitation, cleaner air, and a safer environment = to=20 millions of poor people will need the concerted = efforts=20 of governments, communities, civil society=20 organizations, the private sector, and=20 donors.

=93It is time for action,=94 = added Evans.=20 =93The world=92s political leaders have = reaffirmed their=20 collective commitment to achieving the = Millennium=20 Development Goals. Further, the July 2005 Summit = of the=20 G-8 countries heightened the industrialized = countries=92=20 support to environmentally sustainable = development for=20 the benefit of the world=92s poor. These events, = together=20 with the warning signals raised by the = Millennium=20 Ecosystem Assessment, have contributed to raise=20 international awareness and to strengthen the = global=20 commitment to foster a healthy environment for = this and=20 future generations.=94

World Bank = environmental=20 lending on the increase

Environment = Matters=20 points out the increase in environmental content = in Bank=20 lending =96 with the approval of 73 projects = with=20 environmental content in 47 countries, reaching = $2.5=20 billion in new commitments for fiscal 2005, = representing=20 more than 11 percent of new lending. In fiscal = 2004, the=20 commitment was $1.3 billion, which represented a = share=20 of new lending of 6.5 percent.

The = significant=20 increase in environmental content in the = Bank=92s lending=20 is mainly due to two large development policy = loans: the=20 First Programmatic Reform Loan for Environmental = Sustainability in Brazil ($503 million) and the=20 Programmatic Development Policy Loan for = Sustainable=20 Development in Colombia ($150 million). The = increase in=20 commitments in fiscal 2005 is also attributable = to an=20 increased coverage of environmental objectives = in=20 infrastructure lending. For example, more water = and=20 sanitation loans are addressing water quality = management=20 issues; irrigation and other water management = operations=20 include support for policies that address = sustainable=20 resource management; and urban projects include=20 components for wastewater and solid waste=20 management.

Equally important are smaller = loans=20 that enhance country capacity to improve = environmental=20 and social conditions when investment in = infrastructure=20 is rapidly growing.

And finally, new = approaches=20 are being tested to meet local natural resources = management objectives while addressing global = issues and=20 to directly support local governments in = enhancing=20 environmental management. For example utilizing = carbon=20 finance to stimulate improved community forest=20 management and reduce degradation of sensitive=20 ecosystems

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